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Tracking the Short Tracks: OSCAAR Modified Competitor Bobby Tolton

Last season, Bobby Tolton finished just outside the top 10 in points after suffering some bad luck throughout the season. Till between the races that didn’t go as he would’ve hoped, Tolton was able to put together some solid competitive runs.

With last year behind him, Tolton heads into this season looking to be competitive week-in, week-out. Though before he hits the track for the OSCAAR Hanover Holidays Modified season opener at Sunset Speedway in May, he took on 15 questions – some focused on racing and some not.


Ashley McCubbin: How’d you get started in racing?

bobbyBobby Tolton: How I got started in racing is pretty simple, family. The same way as a large portion of the racing community got their start. From the day I was born I’ve been around racecars and loved every minute of it. It all started with our soap box that my brother and I competed with, then when I was 12 years old my dad and I built a mustang to run at Varney Motor Speedway.

McCubbin: What’s your first racing memory?

Tolton: My first racing memory would have to be running around the grandstands at the track as a kid and not being able to play with the rowdy kids like Beau Burrows, Jordan and Billy Lovell, and Chris VanDusen. But like clock work as soon as the green flag dropped I was perched on the front row of the grandstand cheering my dad on!

McCubbin: If you could be sponsored by any beverage company, which and why?

bobby2Tolton: If I could be sponsored by any during company I would have to choose Monster Energy, since I have always dreamed of how cool of a paint scheme I could have using their logo and colour combo. Not to mention it’s delicious!

McCubbin: What’s the story behind choosing the No. 13?

Tolton: When I began racing at varney motor speedway back in 2005 I raced my father’s #35, it wasn’t until 2007 when we made the trek to Peterborough Speedway for the season, where there was already a #35 registered that I changed to #13.

The reason I went with it was mostly just because I loved the number at the time. But it was also because it was the age at which I ran my first race. Some say that it’s unlucky and is the source of my bad luck, maybe they’re right, but the #13 is mine and always will be.


McCubbin: If you have a nickname, what is it and how did you get it? If you don’t, what would be the perfect nickname for you?

Tolton: At this point I don’t have a nickname, and I believe that a nickname should be given to you by someone else to reflect something relating to your racing program.

McCubbin: If you could race against anybody in NASCAR, who and why?

Tolton: If I was given the opportunity to race against a nascar star, I don’t think I would chose a single current driver on the circuit. I think I’d roll back the clocks to the 80’s and drop myself into a entire field in that era. Even though it was many years before I was even born.

McCubbin: What’s life like outside of racing for you? Hobbies?

Tolton: Wait. There’s life outside of racing? My day to day life consists of work, and after work I head home to see The family. Baby Chase is growing way to fast to be away from home for too long! And in between work and family time I squeeze in some racecar time. Because if I don’t work on the car, the car doesn’t get fixed!


McCubbin: If you could be any animal, what animal would you choose?

Tolton: If I could be any animal I think I would be a monkey, because monkeys are just plain awesome!

McCubbin: Favourite pizza topping

Tolton: My favourite pizza topping is extra cheese! Because regular cheese just doesn’t cut it.

McCubbin: Dream vacation spot

Tolton: My dream vacation is Florida for a couple weeks, coincidentally at the same time as Speedweeks.

McCubbin: If you were stuck on an island, what’s one thing that you must have?

Tolton: If I was stuck on an island I would probably want a boat to get home , but aside from that I would just want my family and friends.

McCubbin: Favourite book

Tolton: My favourite books are the ones they turn into movies, because I don’t read books.

McCubbin: Favourite movie

Tolton: Favourite movie is hands down Days of Thunder.

McCubbin: Favourite piece of technology

Tolton: My favourite piece of technology would have to be my computer/internet. Makes every bit of information you may need available at your finger tips

McCubbin: Sponsors and people you want to thank for making it possible for you to race.

Tolton: And my sponsors that make everything possible are: Knightworks Design, Highland Pines Campground & RV Sales, Engines From Hal, AMSOIL, and Black Magic Racing


You can learn more about Bobby Tolton on his website at

I would like to thank Bobby Tolton for being the “gunea pig” and taking on the list of questions first.

Also, special thanks to Tayler Stiles and Karlie Wilman for their help in coming up with the list. 

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