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JRL Recap: Lewis Wins First-Ever Feature in Juniors

May 29, 2014

Calvin Lewis (#95) of London won his first-ever Junior Division feature race on Wednesday evening in the season opener of the Krown Rust Control Junior Racing League at Delaware Speedway. Lewis started fourth in the event after winning his heat race qualifier earlier in the night. By lap seven he had moved to second place but remained a significant distance back from race leader Jacob Campbell (#44) of Komoka. Campbell ran into trouble on lap 12 of the 15 lap event as he navigated around a vehicle with a mechanical issue. As he evaded the slower traffic his vehicle bottomed out on the asphalt with two wheels on the gravel and damaged his left-front wheel assembly. Under the caution flag (for an unrelated incident) he pulled off the track with his vehicle too damaged to continue and Lewis inherited the lead. Lewis faced tough competition from Donavin Clark (#52) of Thedford who nearly made a last lap pass heading to the finish line ultimately finishing second. Third in the race was Connor Van Steensel (#71) of London.

In the Senior Division (ages 13-17) sibling rivalry proved to be the name of the game on opening night. Alex Corriveau (#11) of Strathroy managed to hold off his younger brother Owen to take home the checkers. Owen had managed to get the best of his older brother in the heat race which saw the pair racing hard and making contact early in the evening. When the feature race rolled around the shoe was on the other foot with the elder Corriveau leading the way and Owen slotting into second place. Third in the 25-lap race was Reece Gordon (#17) of Thedford who battled hard with fourth place finisher Paighton Jacobs (#5) of London.
The night also highlighted some sportsperson-like activity on pit road as numerous teams assisted with repairs on competing vehicles throughout the night in an effort to keep as many drivers on the track as possible. Especially notable was the Jacobs Racing Team s efforts to keep competing driver Hayden Sim (#49) of Komoka in the Senior Division feature event following a dropped drive chain.

The next race for the Krown Rust Control Junior Racing League is Wednesday, June 4 at 6:30 pm. Delaware Speedway s official season opener this this Saturday, May 31 at 4:00 pm with the Transmission Direct Enduro and Bone Stock Chaos Cars.

About the Krown JRL: The Krown JRL is an educational racing program for kids age 8-17 years old and runs Wednesday evenings throughout the summer at Delaware Speedway. The racing is divided into two divisions, the Junior Division (8-12 Years Old) and the Senior Division (13-17 Years Old) and consists of an on-track racing component and an off-track classroom component. The league also coaches drivers on focus, communication skills, conflict management, managing stress, and learning from mistakes. The emphasis is placed on meeting and achieving individual goals.



Feature Race

1. 95 Calvin Lewis London

2. 52 Donavin Clark Parkhill

3. 21 Logan White Ingersoll

4. 70 Piper Adams Ilderton

5. 6 Natalie Cordell Dorchester

6. 8 Hannah Brown London

7. 74 Zack VanHooydonk (R) London

8. 14 Liam Cluett London

9. 71 Connor Van Steensel London

10. 23 Brent Small London

11. 48 Connor Ellis Woodstock

12. 88 Matt Kennedy Ilderton

13. 44 Jacob Campbell Komoka

14. 3 Shane Jacobs London

15. 80 Karis Adams Ilderton

16. 43 Carson Sim (R) Komoka

17. 51 Brayden Martin (R) Mt. Brydges

Heat Race #1

1. 95 Calvin Lewis London

2. 71 Connor Van Steensel London

3. 44 Jacob Campbell Komoka

4. 14 Liam Cluett London

5. 70 Piper Adams Ilderton

6. 3 Shane Jacobs London

7. 48 Connor Ellis Woodstock

8. 80 Karis Adams Ilderton

Heat Race #2

1. 52 Donavin Clark Parkhill

2. 21 Logan White Ingersoll

3. 6 Natalie Cordell Dorchester

4. 88 Matt Kennedy Ilderton

5. 8 Hannah Brown London

6. 23 Brent Small London

7. 74 Zack VanHooydonk (R) London

8. 51 Brayden Martin (R) Mt. Brydges


Feature Race

1. 11 Alex Corriveau Strathroy

2. 86 Owen Corriveau (R) Strathroy

3. 17 Reece Gordon Thedford

4. 5 Paighton Jacobs London

5. 15 Kaisha Zimoch Mt. Brydges

6. 29 Austin Arnell (R) Thedford

7. 49 Hayden Sim Komoka

Heat Race #1

1. 86 Owen Corriveau (R) Strathroy

2. 11 Alex Corriveau Strathroy

3. 49 Hayden Sim Komoka

4. 17 Reece Gordon Thedford

5. 5 Paighton Jacobs London

6. 15 Kaisha Zimoch Mt. Brydges

7. 29 Austin Arnell (R) Thedford

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