Saturday, September 25, 2021

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NSCS: Team Owner Roger Penske releases statement following Texas fight

Following the fight at Texas Motor Speedway on Saturday night, Penske Racing owner Roger Penske has released a statement, saying that he will stand behind his driver, Brad Keselowski, no matter what.

“The Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup has provided great excitement and intense competition,” Penske said. “Brad Keselowski is a champion who competes to win in every race, which is what I expect of him. While the actions by others following the race in Texas were unfortunate, Brad has my 100 percent support as we now move on to Phoenix for the next stage of the NASCAR championship.”

Following a heated battle late in the race at Texas Motor Speedway, a fight broke out on pit road between Jeff Gordon, Brad Keselowski and their respective crews.

The race would go beyond it’s extended distance, bringing forth a green-white-checkered with Gordon leading ahead of Johnson, Jamie McMurray and Kyle Busch.Gordon, as the current race leader, would make the choice to go on the outside for the restart, based on how well it worked for him the previous time.  However, it wouldn’t go according to plan as Johnson would get the advantage, taking the lead as the field headed into turn one. Gordon would be stuck on the outside, finding himself alongside Kevin Harvick.

Brad Keselowski would then try to stick his nose between Gordon and Harvick, resulting in contact between Gordon and Keselowski. The result would be a flat tire for Gordon, causing him to drop through the field and spin around to bring out the caution. Gordon expressed his displeasure post-incident, stating, “The f***ing 2 car ran into us.” over the radio. Meanwhile, Keselowski was told by his spotter that Gordon came down into him, in which Keselowski replied, “We were on new tires – got a better run than he did.”

Following the race, Gordon would get out of his car and walk over to Keselowski, confronting him as a pair of crew members held Gordon back. Keselowski would go to leave the main circle, when he was pushed back into the center by Harvick. Harvick commented post-race that he pushed Keselowski back in because “he should fight his own fight”. Gordon would get a hold of Keselowski’s collar and from that point on, the fight would be on among the drivers and teams.

NASCAR Vice President of Competition Robin Pemberton said following the incident that NASCAR will review what happened between the pair of drivers, and release possible penalties either late Tuesday or early Wednesday.


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