Friday, September 17, 2021

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NSCS: Tony Stewart to have fifth surgery on leg

After recently having a fourth surgery on his leg, Tony Stewart confirmed at the Performance Racing Industry show that he will be having a fifth surgery on his right leg.

The fifth surgery, per the Indy Star, is to remove a rod that was inserted in his leg to help blood flow. The rod, inserted in a prior surgery, was inserted with a small ring to help blood flow.

“I don’t look like I’m walking really good, but I was on crutches two days ago,” he said per the Indy Star. “It’s nice to get off crutches again.

“I’m looking forward to the day my leg doesn’t hurt anymore. I think that’s coming sooner rather than later.”

Stewart broke his leg in August 2013 in a wreck at a dirt track in south eastern Iowa. He had a pair of surgeries directly after breaking it, followed by a couple months later. The fourth surgery took place on the Wednesday heading into NASCAR Champion’s week, but Stewart still attended the banquet.


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