Thursday, October 21, 2021

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ST: Things You Need To Know When Coming To Sprint Into Spring 200

Full Throttle Motor Speedway will have the main concession booth open for food and drinks, we will be serving hamburgers, hotdogs, fries and pop plus New Orleans Pizza and now we will be serving Tim Horton’s coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

Our bathroom facilities are still winterized so we will be utilizing 4 porta-potties for this event on Saturday as we are not sure of our attendance.

This is an unusual race and may have a few obstacles with our general parking area, depending on the weather and water content on the grounds we may have to improvise and do our best with whatever happens, including parking on the roadside and walking into the track.

Please be aware of these potential challenges to bring a race during this time of year but we promise to bring you the best possible entertainment to our FTMS fans and racers.

There is a spectator entry to all areas by “food donations” event for our local community. See you on Saturday and we will be out at 8am until race time!!!! Thanks, Gord and the Staff at FTMS

PS: If you still want in this race call the track 519-369-6969


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