DIRT: Hirst will return for ENZED World Series Sprintcars 2015/16

California-based Sprintcar sensation Kyle Hirst will be back on the road this 2015/16 season for the 29th running of ENZED World Series Sprintcars.
In what will be huge news for ENZED World Series Sprintcar fans, Hirst will be partnering again with the Monte Motorsport Team, with the backing of Milwaukee Tools. It’s a partnership that Hirst is thrilled about continuing for 2015/16.
‘I’m very proud to be back with my car owner Luch Monte, along with Kim Buswell and Raymond. I have a great relationship with the guys at Milwaukee Tools, so to have them back with the team is awesome. There is no question Monte Motorsport is one of the most well put together teams In Australia, so I am proud to be their driver’, said Hirst.
Hirst can’t wait to get on the road as a part of the 2015/16 season of ENZED World Series Sprintcars, and make some great memories on and off track in the process.
‘I’m most looking forward to the level of competition, and the people I get to race against night in, night out. I’m looking forward to coming back for the racing, but also to spend time with my team, good friends, and the great Sprintcar fans’, said Hirst.
Speedway Australia Operations Manager, Shane Collins, said that Kyle Hirst joining for the 29th running of ENZED World Series Sprintcars would be a massive addition to the Series.
‘To have an international talent like Kyle re-joining World Series, is a massive win for the fans, and the Series itself. A consummate professional both on and off the track, Kyle is a talent who continues to grow and develop every year we see him race. The Monte Motorsport Team is one of the most professional in the Australian Sprintcar scene and their support to WSS has been fantastic! As race fans we should be thankful teams like this are available on our shores’
‘With Hirst joining a roster of some of the very best Sprintcar drivers in Australia, you won’t want to miss a second of ENZED World Series Sprintcars when it kicks off at Valvoline Raceway on the 12th of December!’
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