ST: Miles Tyson Scores Frostoberfest Victory in Tie-Breaker over McFerran at Flamboro Speedway

Photo Credit: Ashley McCubbin

Following a pair of 30 lap features and a tie-breaker, Miles Tyson would score the Frostoberfest Mini Stock overall victory, taking home the coveted igloo trophy.

Tyson won the first feature, while finishing fourth in the second feature for an average finish of 2.5. Brandon McFerran also had an average finish of 2.5 with finishes of second and third, but Tyson’s first feature win was the tie-breaker. For Tyson, the victory marks his first career victory. Notably, Brandon Crumbie scored the victory in the second 30-lap feature.

Qualifying for the event took place back on October 2, with the top-24 automatically transferring.

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As a result, the rest of the cars would be in the b-main, along with anybody who missed October 2, hoping to finish in the top-six to be one of the drivers to transfer. Paul Boyd would win the b-main ahead of Will Gibbons, Nick Clarke, Jordan Howse, Brandon McFerran and Ken Townsend. Chris Allard would be the first car to not make the field ahead of the 1, the 6, the 17, Andy Wheller and the 05.


With qualifying complete, the field would be set for the first of the two features. Andy Kamrath would start pole ahead of Brandon Crumbie, Bobby Tolton, Miles Tyson, Cory Young, Tim Tolton, Fred Jordan, Rodney Rutherford, Scott Mast, Jake Watson, Chad Ditner, Gary Slama, Russ Aicken, Chad Corcoran, Donovan Price, Samantha Shaw, Treyten Lapcevich, Rob Hoskins, Hudson Nagy and Jake Gilbert.

The green flag would bring forth a battle for the lead between Crumbie and Kamrath, which would see contact coming off of turn two between the pair. The result would be Kamrath going for a trip through the backstretch infield grass, returning to the track in the fourth spot while Crumbie dropped back even further. In the midst of the chaos, Tyson would take the lead ahead of Tim Tolton and Bobby Tolton.

Looking to return back to the front of the field, Kamrath would track down the Toltons over the next couple of laps, looking for a way by. Coming off of turn four, Kamrath would dive underneath both Toltons, making it three-wide. In the process, contact would happen, resulting in Kamrath catching some air before going for a trip through the frontstretch infield grass. The resulting contact would drop both Tim and Kamrath mid-pack with Bobby moving into second behind Tyson.

Following Kamrath’s trip through the grass, he would return to the track surface in turns one and two, right alongside Crumbie. Kamrath would make it by Crumbie off of the corner, with perhaps a bit of contact between the pair. The officials would deem Kamrath’s move as a block, giving him the black flag for rough driving.

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Meanwhile, at the front of the field, it was all Miles Tyson as he continued to lead at lap 10 ahead of Bobby Tolton, Jordan and Corcoran. Ignoring the black flag, Kamrath would make his way by Corcoran to move up into fourth at lap 11.

The first caution would then fly at lap 13 for an incident involving Gibbons and Ditner. Under yellow, track officials would instruct Kamrath to listen to the black flag, sending him off of the track. With 18 laps to go, Tyson led Bobby Tolton, Jordan, Corcoran, Crumbie, Young, Shaw, Watson, Lapcevich, McFerran and Hoskins. Notably with McFerran running 13th, that meant that he had passed 16 cars in the first 12 laps of the event.

The restart would bring forth a battle for the lead between Tyson and Bobby Tolton for the next three laps, till the caution flew for a second time as a result of incident that left Tim Tolton stuck up on the turn three wall. Boyd, Clarke and Hoskins also caught a piece of the incident. With 16 laps to go, Tyson led Bobby Tolton, Corcoran, Jordan, Crumbie, Young, Watson, McFerran and Nagy.

The restart brought forth another battle for the lead between Tyson and Bobby Tolton, with Tyson grabbing the advantage on lap 20 ahead of Tolton as Jordan and Crumbie battled for third. Crumbie would get the spot, as Aicken would pull off at lap 22 with a problem. McFerran’s climb through the field would continue, as he’d get alongside Crumbie for third at lap 23, taking the spot two laps later. Young would follow through to move up to third ahead of Crumbie and Shaw.

The battle for fourth would pick up with Shaw catching Crumbie, getting alongside. The pair would then come up on the lap car of Corcoran, both going to the outside. Contact would ensue, resulting in Crumbie going around for the caution at lap 29. Both Crumbie and Shaw would be sent to the rear of the field for the restart.

Miles Tyson would get a good restart, scoring the victory ahead of Bobby Tolton, Brandon McFerran, Jordan Howse, Cory Young, Hudson Nagy, Jake Watson, Fred Jordan, Treyten Lapcevich, Scott Mast, Donovan Price, Gary Slama, Nick Clarke, Dave Crumbie, Brandon Crumbie, Paul Boyd, Chad Ditner, Rodney Rutherford, Samantha Shaw, Ken Townsend and Rob Hoskins.

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With the invert in place, Rob Hoskins would start on pole for the second feature ahead of Samantha Shaw, Chad Ditner, Brandon Crumbie, Paul Boyd, Dave Crumbie, Donovan Price, Gary Slama, Nick Clarke, Scott Mast, Treyten Lapcevich, Fred Jordan, Jake Watson, Hudson Nagy, Cory Young, Jordan Howse, Brandon McFerran, Bobby Tolton, Miles Tyson and Rodney Rutherford.

Hoskins would grab the early lead with Shaw battling Brandon Crumbie for second. The caution would then fly, though, as Townsend would go around.

Shaw would get a good restart to take the lead ahead of Ditner. However, that lead would be short lived as Crumbie would grab the lead on lap five ahead of Shaw, Ditner, Price and Clarke. They would run that way till the caution at lap 12 for Townsend and Dave Crumbie going around off of turn four. With 18 laps to go, Brandon Crumbie led Shaw, Ditner, Price, Clarke, Hoskins, Boyd, McFerran, Tyson, Slama, Howse, Jordan, Gibbons and Lapcevich.

Crumbie would get a good restart to keep the lead ahead of Shaw and Ditner as McFerran battled Clake for fourth. McFerran would get the spot as the caution came out for debris – a bumper – laying on the track. At the halfway mark, Crumbie led Shaw, Ditner, McFerran, Clarke, Slama, Price, Tyson, Boyd, Bobby Tolton, Chad Corcoran, Jordan, Gibbons and Lapcevich.

Crumbie would get another good restart to keep the lead as McFerran moved up into second ahead of Shaw, Ditner, Tyson and Slama. Tyson would then get by Ditner with five laps to go to move up into fourth.

Brandon Crumbie would then lead the rest of the way en route to scoring the victory ahead of Brandon McFerran, Samantha Shaw, Miles Tyson, Chad Ditner, Chad Corcoran, Will Gibbons, Donovan Price, Bobby Tolton, Gary Slama, Jordan Howse, Nick Clarke, Paul Boyd, Fred Jordan, Hudson Nagy, Jake Gilbert, Scott Mast, Chris Allard, Dave Crumbie, Rob Hoskins, the 42, Ken Townsend, the 22 and Cory Young.

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