NSCS: Kyle Busch To Have Surgery Once Again on Leg and Foot

Photo Credit: Noel Lanier

During a teleconference to speak about his championship, Kyle Busch stated that he will have to go have surgery once again on his foot and leg.

In the first race of the XFINITY Series season, Busch was involved in a crash that resulted in a compound fracture of the right lower leg and a mid-foot fracture of his left foot in the accident. With nine laps to go, Kyle Busch would give Erik Jones a shot, resulting in Jones coming down across the field. Busch would then bounce off of another car before sliding through the infield grass and making heavy contact with a non-SAFER barrier wall.

Busch missed 11 Sprint Cup Series races, before returning back behind the wheel and eventually winning the season championship.

During the teleconference, Busch commented that the week after the banquet, he will undergo surgery on both his foot and leg. The surgery for the foot is to remove the plates and screws that were placed back in February. Busch stated that he doesn’t know long he will have to stay off of his foot, but the doctor made it seem to him that he’d able to walk right away.

“It’ll be to rehab to make sure that all the joints that have been immobilized for the last nine months, we get them kind of woken back up in a smooth fashion and break it in let’s say,” he added. “And then the leg, though, you know, I’m going to be down for probably they said about four weeks with the leg.  Just having to re-go through the knee and to cut the knee open again in order to pull the rod out, that’s going to be the most traumatic part and just having that have to heal and go back together and let the muscle get back together, and of course the tendon, as well, too.”

Busch is trying to have it organized to have both surgeries on the same day, but had yet to hear whether that’d be confirmed.