ST: Ontario Short Tracks Begin Releasing Schedules for 2016 Season

Photo Credit: Ashley McCubbin

They say it’s never too early to start planning for the upcoming race season, and it seems to be the truth with the Ontario short tracks. Three of the tracks have already released their tentative schedules for 2016 to give their drivers, teams and fans an idea of what to expect in the upcoming season.


Sunset Speedway kicked off the unveiling, announcing their tentative schedule on November 11.

The schedule mimics that of the previous season, with minor changes throughout. The regular divisions will be running a couple extra nights to allow their drivers to earn as many points as they can towards the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Standings.

Also, rather than running the OSCAAR divisions, Sunset Speedway has developed their own Super Late Model division. The Avenue Auto Parts Super Late Models are set to run their debut campaign in 2016, consisting of a five-race schedule. Sunset’s own SLM division comes as a result of a disagreement between the track’s general manager Mark Dilley and OSCAAR.

OSCAAR Series President Dave Gainforth was on Race Time Radio a couple weeks ago, discussing the very topic and the series’ plans for 2016. That audio can be listened to via Race Time Radio’s website by clicking here. Mark Dilley also spoke of the new division, via a youtube interview with Sunset Speedway’s track announcer Spencer Lewis.

The new schedule also will see the Ontario Modified Racing Series make their debut trip to Sunset Speedway on two different occasions.

Lastly, Sunset Speedway is set to host Formula Drift Canada for the first time.


On November 23, Sauble Speedway unveiled their 2016 schedule.

The new schedule certainly has shortened from 2015, as they will race the last week of June through the first week of September, versus going from the beginning of June to September. The reasoning behind that via track promotor Jason Thom is a successful fan turn-out partially depends on traffic to Sauble Beach, and that doesn’t kick up till the warm weather comes. Thom added that the new schedule allows those late model drivers focusing on the APC Auto Parts tour, in which the majority of Sauble’s drivers do that, a less stressful schedule.

The new schedule also sees the removal of the traditional Battle of the Beach events that took place on a Wednesday night during the summer, with those traded in for more traditional Sunday invitationals. The idea is that it should attract a larger fan base and car count.


Full Throttle Motor Speedway completed the three-way reveal, unveiling their 2016 schedule on November 25.

2016 FULL THROTTLE MOTOR SPEEDWAY Schedule (determined as of Nov 25)
(subject to change)

JLM- Jr. Late Model
MT- Mini Trucks
FS- Fun Stock
PT- Pure Trucks
MS- Mini Stock
SS- Street Stock
OLM- Outlaw Late Model
CT- Crazy Trains
C8- Crazy Eights
Tentative Date/Class (“)

Test and Tune- Saturday May 7 1pm Practice for all FTMS Competitors $25 each
Opening Night- Saturday May 14 7pm FS MS SS OLM C8 (” Pro Challenge 50 laps)
Victoria Day #1- Saturday May 21 7pm JLM MT PT MS SS CT (King of the Hill)
Victoria Day #2- Monday May 23 1pm FTMS Development Series#1 JLM MT (” Karts & TBD)
Saturday May 28 7pm FS PT MS OLM C8 (Demolition Derby)

Fan App. Night- Saturday June 4 7pm JLM MT PT SS CT (” Pro Challenge 50 laps)
Saturday June 11 7pm FS MS SS OLM C8 (” CVM 25 laps)
Saturday June 18 7pm JLM MT PT MS SS CT (Autograph Night)
Saturday June 25 7pm FS PT MS OLM C8 (King of the Hill)

Canada Day #1- Friday July 1 9am 2nd Annual “FTMS Open” Golf Tournament
Canada Day #2- Saturday July 2 7pm JLM MT FS PT SS CT
Canada Day #3- Sunday July 3 1pm FTMS Development Series#2 JLM MT (” Karts & TBD)
Mid Season*- Saturday July 9 7pm FS* MS* SS* OLM* C8* (Demolition Derby)
Mid Season*- Saturday July 16 7pm PT* MS SS CT* (” OSCAAR) (King of the Hill)
Fan App. Night- Saturday July 23 7pm FS PT MS OLM C8 (Autograph Night)
Civic Day #1- Saturday July 30 7pm JLM* MT* FS PT SS CT

Civic Day #2- Monday Aug 1 1pm FTMS Development Series#3 JLM MT (” Karts & TBD)
Saturday Aug 6 7pm FS MS SS OLM C8 (King of the Hill)
Saturday Aug 13 7pm JLM MT PT MS SS CT
Kids Night- Saturday Aug 20 7pm FS PT MS OLM C8 (Soap Box Derby,Kids Rides)
Saturday Aug 27 7pm FS PT SS CT (LOSC 100 laps) (Demolition Derby)

Labour Day #1- Saturday Sept 3 7pm (Final Points*) JLM* MT* FS* MS* SS C8*
Labour Day #2- Monday Sept 5 1pm FTMS Development Series#4 JLM MT (” Karts & TBD)
FTMS Finals- Friday Sept 9 8pm (Final Points*) FS 40 PT 25* SS 40* OLM 50* CT 25*
FTMS Finals- Saturday Sept 10 5pm OSCAAR Mods 50 Midgets 25 (” CVM 25) TQ 25
FTMS Finals- Sunday Sept 11 2pm (“x)OSCAAR SLM 40 PLM 75 LLM 75 MS 50 TC 50

The biggest change for FTMS is they will switch from running Friday nights to running Saturday nights in 2016, in hopes of getting a larger attendance and bigger car count. The other edition noticed quickly by many is the expansion of the quarter-mile’s invitationals. It should make for quite the excitement on the shortest track in the province.

The other new addition teams to the divisions running as the OSCAAR Super Late Models will run a 40 lap feature on September 11. They have attended the facility in the past, running an exhibition event. However, they hadn’t returned back to the oval since then. This upcoming season will mark their return in what promises to be a strong event.


With the schedules that have been already been revealed, the 2016 season is already promising to be full of excitement across the board once again in Ontario. It’ll be interesting to see what the three remaining tracks – Peterborough Speedway, Flamboro Speedway and Delaware Speedway – reveal in the coming weeks.