Tissot Conquers Anderson Motor Speedway

Saturday, September the 3rd was a day full of fireworks and tempers for the Southeast Super Truck Series. With the points battles in all the divisions heating up, it’s getting down to the nitty gritty. So when the series rolled into Williamston, SC Anderson Motor Speedway, every one of the teams and drivers went straight to work to make their cars and trucks the fastest they could be. Local boy, Jamie Altop topped the first round of practice followed by Kevin Leicht, Lee Tissot, Mart Nesbitt, and a driver making his Southeast Super Truck Series Debut, Jaco Eidson in fifth.

Lee Tissot picked off two more spots for the second round and found himself atop the boards. Kevin Leicht was second fastest, with Ed Surrett in third, Jamie Altop in fourth, and Mart Nesbitt in fifth. The teams had one final chance to make adjustments to get the drivers faster for the race. Final practice rolled around and it was now Kevin Leicht who fought his way to the top of the speed charts. He was followed by Altop, Tissot, Nesbitt, and Ricky Bowers.

Lee Tissot was your Pole Award winner for qualifying, and he went on to roll a five on the invert dice, setting Kevin Leicht on the top spot and Mart Nesbitt on the outside for the Justice4Amara 200 brought to you by Boxer Butts & Other Mutts. As Kevin led the field down to the green flag, Nesbitt didn’t let up on him. They battled nose to tail for several laps until Nesbitt ducked back behind Kevin. The first caution came out when Jamie Altop shot out a ton of sparks under his truck due to suspension failure.

Kevin paced the field back to the green, but before the field could make a complete lap the caution came back out, this time for Ricky Bowers hitting the backstretch wall, ending his night. Kevin once again showed the field back to the green but before he could take off Nesbitt jumped the start, so the caution flew again on Lap 3. When the green flag finally flew again the field settled down and took off. Kevin tried his best to pull away from the field but Nesbitt wasn’t having any part of that as Nesbitt rode right in his tracks lap after lap. Meanwhile the battle second was beginning to heat up as Lee Tissot, and Matt Leicht caught up to Nesbitt. Nesbitt finally made his move and passed Kevin for the lead; Tissot also worked his way past Kevin and took over second.  

The caution flew again on Lap 46 as TJ Williams cut a tire down on the track. Nesbitt led the field back to the green, but only for two laps as the caution came back out for Jamie Barbery. As Nesbitt took the green again, he began catching heavy slack from Tissot. The pair battled hard for almost 10 laps until Tissot finally took over the top spot. Matt Leicht began chasing the two down and managed to get by Nesbitt for second. Tissot looked to be on rocket ship as he was setting sail. As it was looking to be a race to the finish without any more cautions, with just four laps remaining in the race the caution flew again as Kevin Leicht came to a stop in turn four. This now set up for a four-lap shootout to the end.

Tissot went on to capture the Justice4Amara 200 brought to you by Boxer Butts and Other Mutts even after doing a complete 360 and keeping it going. He was followed by Matt Leicht in second, Mart Nesbitt in third, Jacob Eidson in fourth, and Jamie Barbery in fifth.


Official Results

  1. 27 Lee Tissot
  2. 2 Matt Leicht
  3. 92 Mart Nesbitt
  4. 22 Jacob Edison
  5. 21 Jamie Barbery
  6. 25 Kevin Leicht
  7. 5 Toby Hollifield
  8. 18 TJ Williams
  9. 66 Bennie Davis
  10. 07 Clint King
  11. 88 Jeff Caldwell
  12. 83 Shawn McIntyre
  13. 8 Ed Surrett
  14. 54 Jamie Altop
  15. 61 Ricky Bowers