Johnson Taken to Infield Care Center After Texas Victory

Photo Credit: Mike Holloway/

After winning the O’Reilly Auto Parts 500 at Texas Motor Speedway on Sunday, seven time Champion Jimmie Johnson made a trip to the infield care center due to symptoms of dehydration, after his in-car fluid delivery system stopped working early in the race.

Johnson addressed the issue in the Media Center after his treatment: “I’m much better now. I thought I was (having) heat issues, I got out of the car and was really hot, and felt much better there.” He continued, “ I was doing an interview and I felt my back lock up, and then my chest and then my arms, and then I just started to cramp everywhere. So that was an immediate trip to the care center to get some I.V.’s, so three bags of I.V.’s and feeling a ton better.”