March 4, 2024

1 thought on “Are Fans Wanting NASCAR to Become More Like Formula One?

  1. It isn’t the domination of the “Big Three” that bothers me about NASCAR, only 1 thing would make it more exciting, all manufactures having a car in the hunt. Having said that, the main thing missing for me, in todays NASCAR there are no “characters”left. Everyone toes the corporate line. Gone are the stars with carisma. Morgan Shepard putting a rollerskating performance down pit road at Charlotte before my first race as fan. Marty Robbins racing strictly because he loved it, Earnhardt and Wallace, the former putting a dead fish under his seat cushion, the latter retaliating by stealing his steering wheel just before “gentleman start your engines”. Jocko riding shotgun.The closest we get now is Clint Boyer.

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