April 19, 2024

5 thoughts on “Why Does Aric Almirola Feel Other Drivers Owe Him Something?

  1. AMEN! It amuses me when drivers seem to think that they have the only claim to racing hard. Maybe they need to look up the meaning of the word ‘race’?

  2. Poor Aric, wonder if he expected Harvick to pull over if he had caught him since Kevin was almost sure to move on via his huge points advantage!

    1. Echo –
      Thanks for reading! With Harvick being such a hard racer, I cannot even imagine what his response to would be if Almirola asked him to let him by since he was essentially locked in!
      Thinking back… Almirola was begging his teammates to give him a break for stage points when SHR dominated at Talladega. They did not comply!

  3. It is funny, I watched that numerous times and I don’t see at all what ARIC claims. Joey was driving by minding his own business, Joey was almost past him and he lost control and slid up into Joey. Then to double down on it! And shame on the reporter for stoking a non story to make Logano look like he is the root cause of these drivers inabilities in the moment to get things done to their advantage.

  4. Dang but some NASCAR drivers are starting to sound like the pampered F1 drivers. Logano is my kind of driver. He races hard for every position while a guy like Amirola is lucky to even have a job after blowing a ride with Petty and running as a back marker for years. Now he has good equipment but expects others not to race him hard? Get over it Aric.

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