The truck bed extenders that win customers

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In this article, we talk about the benefits and types of truck bed extenders.

When people choose a new vehicle, they generally take the height, horsepower as well as storage into considerations. Truck beds are usually versatile and they also come with great storage. If you are trying to load your brand-new home furniture or taking items from groceries, truck beds slides can work for everything. However, suppose it happens that you buy a huge truck bed and plan to redo it; this is where truck bed extenders come into being.

What is a truck bed extender?

A truck bed extender is really a useful device that helps to carry large items. The truck bed extenders will extend the pickup bed by approximately 3 feet.

Truck bed extenders generally fit all types of trucks and are a cost-effective option.

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How does a truck bed extender work?

You need to understand some important components of a truck bed extender before you will really understand how a truck bed extender works. A truck bed extender generally consists of two side walls which match up with the pickup walls, a wall that is connecting as well as two mounts.

Generally, you would see that the walls at the side are connected using the sidewall. After this, the tailgate works on the floor in the new compartment, which is extended.

Benefits of a Truck Bed Extender

The following are some of the benefits of using a truck bed extender

  1. If you are a person who likes to haul things around, you would definitely need a truck bed extender. An extender will give you more truck bed space, which will help you save some time, and most importantly, on gas.
  2. Usually, a truck bed extender comes with an attached strap that secures your essential items, preventing them from breaking during transportation and helping to unload quickly. It becomes really a hefty task when you have to unload things from a truck bed as it reaches places that can be pretty difficult to get. This is where truck bed extenders can help as it helps in secure and sound transportation.
  3. You might be thinking that if you don’t have a truck, you can’t use a truck bed extender. This is not true, as most truck bed extenders can also fit in a van or an SUV. They are also sometimes used to haul things on the rooftop of your vehicle. They are quite easy to install and remove, so don’t worry about that. You really won’t face any problem in attaching or detaching them to vehicles.

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Types of Truck Bed Extenders

Standard Truck Bed Extenders

These are U-shaped bed extenders that are made out of plastic or, in some cases, metal and are ideal for loading items that are not much longer than the truck bed. You can install them by connecting them to the truck tailgate to provide extra inch capacity. These are generally a good option if you are not carrying something heavy.

Bedside Truck Bed Extenders

Generally, bedside truck extenders provide greater capacity for hauling than a standard truck bed extender. They come with support arms used for securing items that are much longer from your truck bed. It also comes with a mount that is used for connecting the rear receiver with your truck. Also, you can try to carry heavy things with a bedside extender, thereby not worrying much about losing your precious items during transportation.

Cargo Slide Bed Extenders

A cargo extender is a type of bed extender that will transform your truck bed into a drawer. Well, what we mean by drawer is that you can easily slide in and out things, making it convenient for loading purposes. Also, it almost doubles the extender. However, for this, you would require a proper hitch to support the cargo and especially in those times when the bed extender is locked in a place.

How to choose the best truck extender

When you are choosing the best truck extender, make sure you check the following points

a. Proper Material

Try to look for a truck bed extender that is made out of sturdy materials so that you can be sure that things don’t fall while you are transporting your stuff. We would suggest trying to choose heavy-duty steel or aluminum.

b. Easy Installation Process

Also, choose a truck bed extender that is relatively easy to install and does not require professional expertise.

Summing Up

These were some of the essential points you must keep in mind while choosing truck bed extenders.