Friday morning at the Monstor Mile.

It is Friday morning in Dover. This set of wheels that I took in New Hampshire has been moved to Dover. As I crossed over the bridge to the infield I saw an identical set up. What is interesting is that each team (see the numbers on the wheels) has their own set and Goodyear mounts the tires on each one for all of the teams.

The wheels themselves are transported not by the teams nor Goodyear, but by another contractor run by the former Goodyear tire mounting manager, who retired a few years ago and now hauls all wheels, pit boxes and Nitrogen bottles from track to track for all the teams.
I found it interesting that there is this entire sub contact dance played for the teams. One would think that the teams would carry every thing for the race themselves, but they have found it much cheaper and efficient to have someone else carry them for all of the teams at once. The only exception are those smaller teams that don’t make every race who have to drag their pit boxes along themselves.
The K&N cars are qualifying now and the cup and Nationwide garage are getting busy. Monstor Mile in Dover. What a great weekend we have in store.