Qualifying day in Dover

Qualifying day in Dover. Beautiful day, with sunshine and cool temps. The Cup Garage just opened 10 minutes ago and the teams are making their way across the Bridge to the inner track and the garage.

Yesterday Mark Martin was fastest in practice. I saw the team working on qualifying set up most of the afternoon, so the question remains if the cars that practiced well will qualify well. Keeping the car on the bottom of the track is the fast way around this monster mile. If you can do that in qualifying and then in a race, you have a good chance of a good finish. I dont think I would count out Mark Martin, though Kyle Busch has been good here in the past and Jeff Gordon won here a few years ago. Still keeping the car on the bottom is key.
Walking the track this morning I found enough brake rotors to service about 5 cars. I don’t think the blowers will move those parts but found it interesting that there were so many of them. One of the rotors was right next to where Chase Elliott wrecked last night so that may have had a part of his crash or was the direct result of it.
Back to the garage this morning.
More later.