2 for 2: Brandon Watson wins OSCAAR Super Late Model Feature at Barrie

Photo Credit: Ashley McCubbin/OnPitRoad.com

Brandon Watson would make it for two-for-two so far this season as he would win the OSCAAR Super Late Model feature at Barrie Speedway.

The night wouldn’t start off pretty for the super lates as contact between Glenn Watson and Kyle Passer would result in Glenn Watson’s fender being ripped off and causing a debris caution. Then on the restart coming out of two turn, Jesse Kennedy would make contact with Passer, setting off a chain reaction wreck that collected Glenn Watson, Rob Clarke and John Owen. Glenn Watson’s car would have to be toed off, but the crew went to work and had it ready for the second round of the heats.

Clarke would pick up the win in the first heat ahead of Brandon Watson, Owen, Passer, and Henry Hagen.

In the second heat, Rob Poole would spin Brandon Vanderwel in turn three. Andrew Gresel would take the victory ahead of Ian Bourque, Poole, Vanderwel, and Paul Milligan.

In the third heat, Brad Corcoran would spin Sean Cronan on lap three. Then on lap four, Charlie Gallant would spin in turn two, possibly due to contact from Corcoran. Derrike Tiemersma would take the win ahead of Kevin Cornelius, Tyler Hawn, Cronan, Corcoran and Gallant.

In the fourth heat, Glenn Watson would have his car back together and take the win ahead of Brandon Watson, Passer, Clarke, Owen and Hagen.

In the fifth heat, the left rear would come off of Vanderwell’s car during the pace laps. Then on lap two, Gresel would spin Poole as they battled for the lead, collecting Bourque and Milligan. Gresel and Poole would be the only cars that would continue and it’d be Gresel taking the win ahead of Poole.

The final heat of the evening went to Cornelius ahead of Hawn, Tiemersma, Gallant, Corcoran and Cronan.

When it came feature time, it’d be Brandon Watson starting on pole, followed by Derrike Tiemersma, Tyler Hawn, Kevin Cornelius, Andrew Gresel, Gary Passer, Rob Poole, Glenn Watson, Ian Bourque, John Owen, Paul Milligan, Brad Corcoran, Charlie Gallant, Sean Cronan, Jesse Kennedy, No. 67, Rob Clarke and Henry Hagen.

Tiemersma would stay alongside Brandon Watson for the first two opening laps of the feature, before Watson would clear him on lap three ahead of Cornelius, Hawn and Gresel. The top five stayed the same all the way till lap 11 while Poole ran sixth, followed by Glenn Watson, Owen, Bourque and Corcoran.

The top 10 would stay that way all the way till the first and only caution at lap 24 for Clarke spinning off turn four.

On the restart, Gresel would get by Hawn for fourth behind Brandon Watson, Tiemersma and Cornelius. A couple laps later, Gresel would pass Cornelius for the third position.

On lap 30, it’d be Brandon Watson leading Tiemersma, Gresel, Glenn Watson, Cornelius, Hawn, Bourque, Owen, Poole, Gallant and Corcoran on the lead lap.

On lap 34, Owen would get by Bourque, with Poole battling with Bourque for position on lap 38.

Tiemersma would catch Brandon Watson and run right him, though was not able to find a way by. So as a result, defending series champion Brandon Watson picks up another victory.

Derrike Tiemersma got second, followed by Andrew Gresel, Glenn Watson and Kevin Cornelius.

Tyler Hawn finished sixth, followed by John Owen, Ian Bourque, Rob Poole and Charlie Gallant.

Brad Corcoran was 11th, followed by Gary Passer and Sean Cronan.

These results are of course unofficial so please do check OSCAAR’s official website at http://www.oscaar.ca for the official results.

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