Tuesday, September 28, 2021

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Starting lineup is set for the VA is for Racing Lovers 300

After five exciting heat races and many torn up racecars, the starting lineup for the VA is for Racing Lovers 300.

  1. Chad Finchum
  2. Tommy Lemons Jr.
  3. Matt Waltz
  4. Phillip Morris
  5. Bruce Anderson
  6. Timothy Peters
  7. Brandon Brown
  8. Lee Pulliam
  9. Brodie Kostecki
  10. Deac McCaskill
  11. B.J. Mackey
  12. Ryan Stiltner
  13. Wayne Ramsey
  14. Dillon Bassett
  15. David Roberts
  16. David Garbo Jr.
  17. Dude Gibbs
  18. C.E. Falk III
  19. Nick Smith
  20. Dennis Setzer
  21. Bryan Reedy
  22. Matt Bowling
  23. Adam Long
  24. Ronnie Bassett
  25. Ryan Glenski
  26. Dustin Ramsey
  27. R.D. Smith
  28. Alex Yontz
  29. Myatt Snider
  30. Ryan Wilson
  31. Brenden Queen
  32. Tony Keen
  33. Garrett Campbell
  34. Thomas Scott
  35. Wesley Falk
  36. Hayden Woods
  37. Blake Stallings
  38. Mack Little III
  39. Dennis Holdren
  40. Giles Thornton
  41. Scott Lancaster
  42. Davin Scites


As the driver introductions were about to begin, Chad Finchum commented on his day so far, “It was a complete dream come true, couldn’t wish for nothing better but to be in victory lane at the end of the night with hardly any damage or maybe none at all, so I never thought that my third trip to Martinsville in the late model stocks that we would have this much success, but I can’t thank everybody enough.”

Heartbreak of the night was for Annabeth Barnes. After having trouble in qualifying and in her heat race, she started 36th in the last chance qualifier. To get in the feature she would have to make it to the top-10. After a hard fought race she found herself in 12th with two laps to go. Knowing that her car was rolling the outside well, and that most drivers were trying to protect the inside, she chose the outside lane for the restart. Cars bottled up, however, and took away her chance to make it. Barnes commented after the race, “On the last restart we were 12th and I really, really thought we got it. I don’t know if we got brake checked or I heard they got bottled up on that last restart but that ended us. I feel like if that wouldn’t have happened… we were rolling the outside like nobody else could, nobody could roll the outside like we could and then if I would have just had somebody get up on the restart like I was ready to, I think we would be in the race right now.”

The field is set, and the most excitement is yet to come for 42 of the best late model racers around the country.

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