Friday, September 17, 2021

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Billy Swartzenburg sees fun and challenge in going to different tracks

When drivers start out a season, they center on one-track and go for the championship there, while running a couple other tracks throughout the year. Team Spira Racing’s Billy Swartzenburg took a different approach last year – spending his Saturdays at different tracks – seven different tracks.

“Lots of fun going around to different tracks,” he commented. “You learn a lot of about set-up.”

The tour turned out to be a success as Swartzenburg picked up a total of 11 feature wins last year. The young driver said the decision came about following the championship at Flamboro Speedway in 2012.

“Winning the title allowed us to do the travel,” he commented. “Once you do it, it takes the pressure off and you can have fun.”

Touring to different tracks allowed for a bunch of new experiences, including racing in the rain at Delaware Speedway.

Heading into this year, Swartzenburg is looking forward to the tour again, though adding Kawartha Speedway to the list with the Mini Stock Nationals. OSCAAR is hosting a pair of events as part of their Super Late Model/Modified show. With 48 cars already registered including some big names, the event is already promising to deliver on excitement.

In looking at the Mini Stock class, Swartzenburg says based on his experience, it is a good class for young drivers to get started in. However there are concerns surrounding cost and growth.

“Some people worry about it,” Swartzenburg commented. “I’m not. I’m more about how to evolve to make the class better.”

Swartzenburg is hoping to use the experience in Mini to move up the racing ladder, but hasn’t got the opportunity yet.

“I’ve pushed Ken (Spira) to move me up and he hasn’t yet,” Swartzenburg said.

If given the choice as to what class to move into, Swartzenburg says it’d be Limited Late Model due to the drivers involved in the class already and how the rules are across the board.

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