ST: Four Funs Complete Qualifying for Autumn Colours Classic at Peterborough Speedway

Photo Credit: Ashley McCubbin

On Friday and Saturday, qualifying took place for the 23rd Annual Autumn Colours Classic with the heats for the Four Funs.

Andy Wheller won the first heat ahead of Jordan DesRoches, Ryan Oosterholt, Kenny Ohno Jr., Doug Wills, Chris Mulders, Jeremy Kelly, Phil Givens and James Stewart.

Tiffany Vanderbelt won the second heat ahead of Matthew Vanderbelt, Keith Parkes, Griffin Powell, Dave Feeney, Corey Gates, Scott Simpson, Andrea Pearsons and Jeff Stewart.

2015 Frostoberfest winner Derek Jackson won the third heat ahead of Jacob Kelly, Michael Kenny, Colin Parkes, Marilyn Junkin, Malcolm McDonald, Brandon Feeney and Connor Parkes.

Ryan Oosterholt picked up the victory in the fourth heat ahead of Jeremy Kelly, Wheller, Mulders, DesRoches, Wills, Givens and Ohno.

Griffin Powell won the fifth heat ahead of Dave Feeney, Matthew Vanderbelt, Keith Parkes, Gates, Tiffany Vanderbelt, Stewart and Simpson.

Malcolm McDonald won the sixth and final heat ahead of Jackson, Colin Parkes, Jacob Kelly, Brandon Feeney, Junkin, Kenny, Shawn Solomon and Connor Parkes.

The Four Funs will return on Sunday for their main event.