Bring on a New Rules Package Already

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Kevin Harvick won his fourth NASCAR Monster Energy Cup race of the season at Dover  in another lackluster race. Harvick beat SHR teammate Clint Bowyer to the line by over seven seconds. During the event there were only 17 lead changes and 13 cars finished on the lead lap. Going into this race at Dover the average number of lead changes per race was 17.6 in 2018, which was a historically low number.

Wasn’t stage racing supposed to help produce more passing? 20 years ago in 1998, without stage racing, wave around’s, free passes, and double file restarts through races at these same 11 tracks there was an average of more than 18 lead changes per event.

Look, I may sound like a broken record but something has to be done to make Cup racing more competitive. This isn’t exactly the best time to have ho-hum racing. NASCAR fans are hungry for good racing and the Dover Cup race was like serving up a nice warm plate of urine.

The All-Star Race at Charlotte is in two weeks and it cannot get here soon enough. At this point I don’t think there’s any conceivable way that the racing at Charlotte can be any worse than what we’ve experience in the MENCS over these past several races. People are getting too hung up on the “restrictor plate” part of the package at Charlotte. There are many modifications aside from the plates that should help the racing. NASCAR really could be painting themselves into a corner with this package. If it produces a great All-Star Race with lots of excitement and passing how can they not implement it into the Cup Series posthaste?

Hey, at least the Camping World Truck Series and the Xfinity Series both put on great racing at Dover. But NASCAR really needs their premier series to serve up a better dish than, well, that nice warm plate of urine.

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  1. NASCAR has been in need of a rule package that reigns in the horsepower and makes the draft more important than handling for a long time. I too am anxious to phase in the restrictor plate-draft duct package that worked at Indianapolis for Busch-Xfinity cars and is thus phasing into their races at Pocono and Michigan, I feel this package will finally open up passing for the Cup series.

  2. It goes with out saying that the new rules, after 1976 or before, have caused a lot of the poor racing. The day of old is gone but needs to return .
    allow the teams to purchase a show room car for less than $50,000.00 that is a car that any JOE could purchase. Allow the teams to spend $25,000.00 on the engine $30,000.00 on frame and safety of driver as well as body work .
    car body would have to fit a factory templet . wheels would need to be approved tires approved . total labor and transporter not to exceed $1,500,000.00 for the season let the teams be creative and find ways to make them go fast.

    • Thanks for reading Jim. I must admit, I too miss the days when someone could build a car in the garage behind their house and make the field!

  3. what happened to the “need for speed””….. thats what the sport was founded on …notlook alike restricte d hot wheels follwing each other around…..let them race… lets see who has the brass ones…. Tired of boring racing if you call it that… God nascar has lost the concept…

  4. Need to put the driving back in the hands of the driver.No roller cams, 10in wide tires, factory body shape only. Spoilers for safety only.No restrictor plates as 10in tires will make drivers slow down for turns, and also run cooler and last longer then the wider tire.Cars will be slower but more equal and top speed will be close to same for all.Pit crews and drivers will make the difference.Side by side starts are good,as now its a good driver that wins restart.Cut down the cost and yu will get the sponsers back.

  5. We haven’t missed a race since the first night race (1992) in Charlotte,infield parking at turn 3. Over the years there were many rule changes being made, ridiculous penalties, unnecessary yellow flags especially near the end of the race. In 2011 the big TV screen was installed, nice but now we payed more attention to the big screen than watching the track race. It was ok for crashes or yellow flags reruns. Paying for a RV infield spot $$$. I could watch the race at home. Never renewed the spot after the 2012 season, 20yrs. I couldn’t say the last time I watched a full race, It’s just too commercial, too political, no fun anymore. Selling NASCAR won’t bring back the glory days……Knock it down and bring in a MLB team. Oh I forgot to mention the new toll roads coming $$$

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