June 14, 2024

16 thoughts on “What NASCAR Drivers May be Moving in 2019?

    1. Hi Sean, thanks for reading. You are correct, there was a multi-year deal signed, however, as we have seen in recent years, it does not seem to slow them down from making new deals! Keep reading!

    2. Sean, thanks for reading the article. This was something that I didn’t catch. I honestly didn’t anticipate him being let go or anything like that anyway. Perhaps just moving if the No. 31 ride opened up.

  1. Sadly I agree with you that Kurt Busch will not be in the #41 next year despite where he is in the standings. I don’t see Truex leaving Furniture Row. He has 17 wins with them and their success is not a fluke. Christopher Bell will be in a Toyota next year. If not the 19 then he’ll do like Erik Jones did and run a
    second car for Furniture Row.

    1. Hi Steve –
      I personally tend to agree with you that Bell will likely go to satellite team first, then on to Gibbs a little later. Of course, it will most likely be FRM. Thanks for reading and please continue!

    2. Steve, Truex may not leave Furniture Row. This was the hardest decision I made in my “predictions” but money talks and if JGR could snag him I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility. Thanks for reading!

    1. Hello Racefangurl –
      Thanks for reading. I have heard the same rumor, but it is very unsubstantiated at this point. We will definitely report any new information when we receive it! Stay tuned!

    2. Racefangurl, thanks for reading. I think Bayne deserves a chance to redeem himself. It would be great to see him in a good Xfinity ride and see what he could do with it.

  2. The situation with Martin Truex is not about Five Hour Energy, it is about the JGR alliance. From what I hear Gibbs doesn’t want to keep getting beat by they’er own equipment anymore.

    LFR will be a better “test team” and poses no threat to take wins or championships from JGR drivers.

    I believe Ryan Newman has two more years left on his contract with RCR and I agree Trevor Bayne will become the answer to a trivia question by this time next years.

    1. Thanks for your response Jeff. It will definitely be interesting to see what happens between JGR/Furniture Row/Toyota.

  3. they have already said on tv that truex will not have a ride next year.the owner is shutting down.ty dillion stayin where he is.newman going to rousch to drive the #6. Kasey Kahne is out due to medical issues and they have someone signed to take his place..

    1. Denny –
      Ricky Whittenburg actually wrote this back in July. There have been some announcements since his predictions were written. Thanks for reading!

    2. Hey Denny thanks for reading. Like Roger said I actually wrote this on July 24th. I think I may have been the first person to call Truex to Gibbs and Kurt Busch to Ganassi. Obviously neither of those are confirmed but both look likely at this point.

  4. the nascar drivers i only know is kurt busch in # 1 chip Ganessi Matt dibenedetto # 95 ryan newman # 6 jack roush and the others i don’t know

    1. Hi James thanks for your comment bud. Yes, those all look to be happening. When I originally wrote the article it was July 24th before some of these things had come out. Thanks for reading!

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