September 23, 2023

9 thoughts on “Yes Kyle, We Did See What Happened

  1. I don’t see where he “implied” anything. He simply said you saw what happened and left it to your own devices. He knows that whatever he says will be parsed by certain members of the media into what they “think” he said. He kept it short and to the point so it wouldn’t be difficult.

  2. AS usual – Kyle bad everyone else good,
    As usual Any driver may do Anything to Kyle and they will be rewarded.
    On both Byron and Bubba:
    Kyle launched both of these guys into the upper levels of NASCAR through his truck team KBM, and has advanced more drivers than any other active driver in NASCAR today – by a long shot – furthermore almost all (except Bubba) are among the better young drivers.
    re. Bubba:
    1. This is really the worst. There was nothing sportsmanlike about it – not remotely “rubbing is racing”. What Bubba did was way overboard and had it been Kyle – he would be suspended. First, Bubba is not a good driver, has far less impulse control than even Kyle and a record of violence (the worst being punching out a driver over twice his age in the middle of the track during practice).
    2. There is no evidence or video of the purported “slight” Kyle committed before their incident. Bubba was actually leading Kyle on the outside of the turn before their “incident” and neither car had visible damage, so I find it even harder to buy an earlier “crime” by Kyle. If so lets see it.
    3. Kyle was passing Bubba clean (no contact) on the inside and like a spoiled child Bubba throws a violent body slam to keep Kyle from passing him clean on the inside. Once they started trading paint, Kyle won and cleared him clean. Like a bully that picked a fight and loses gets up to stab the victor in the back, Bubba deliberately rammed kyle in the back and spun him out.
    On Byron:
    1. I didn’t see any contact when Kyle spun inside of Byron and find it easy to conclude Kyle over played the turn. On the other hand Jimmie had no contact with Blaney yet cried about Blaney forced him out and to this everyone still says Jimmie is a great guy.
    2. On the brake check to Byron – First reporting was Byron rammed him to show displeasure and came out loser. later story reads “brake check” Looking at the video I don’t see it – Kyle slowed down but had a comfortable lead on Byron and Byron had plenty of time and visibility to judge. I’m sticking with initial reporting from video – Byron hit him.
    3. On the “punt” to Byron – No video on that except viewers seeing Byron sliding off track. Even media said “don’t know how he got there, but Kyle did it” ?*&_….If there’s evidence to that effect lets see it. I can believe it, but need to see it.
    4. It’s one thing doing something it’s another when crew chief, owner and media all to call for retaliation and effectively say “go beat him up” to the public. Included, but not said was “it’s KYLE – everyone including NASCAR will side with you”,

    1. Great comment. How many races has the author of this article run? ZERO! But yet he thinks he knows everything? If NASCAR had 40 drivers with the kind of passion Kyle has, we would be seeing the best racing in the world! There will always be Kyle haters. I was at Bristol when Kyle went to the tail late in the race and almost came back to win not once but twice. Best racing I have ever seen. What a show he put on.

  3. Some commenters must have Kyle’s face tattooed on their asses. He went to the back a few times, some from pit sequences, some from on track events. Every time I saw him flying back through the field to the front using everyone up every lap. Driving like he was the only one that mattered and acting like everyone else should yield. Glad to see someone draw the line. I am no Bubba fan nor Byron fan, but Kyle acts like he is god out there and everyone else should kneel before him. What a &*^*.

    1. He is God in the track, name one other driver that has that kind of passion. You can’t ! If you could, we would be seeing the best racing in the world. Every other driver drives scared, especially Jimmy. He needs to ride off into the sunset. Even Jeff knew when it was time.

  4. I’ve heard J. Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Kyle Busch and others comment about not putting up with being raced hard by the younger drivers.

    It’s nice to see some of the younger drivers saying “Oh, Hell no” and standing up for themselves.

    1. It is not the younger drivers standing up for themselves, that’s the only way they can compete. They were brought up too soon, haven’t paid their dues.

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